Why you need a budget for your cannabis business....

  • Gets you clear on sales

    A budget will help you get clear on your sales and revenue goals, your gross profit, and margin.

  • Cost Control

    Manage your monthly expenses and budget ahead so you can stay ahead of cash flow

  • Solidifies direction

    A budget helps you look at your business holistically and helps you get clear on the direction of your business.

Get clear on your financial goals and get a plan

Budgeting helps you stay ontop of cash flow and managing your business finances

Budgeting is a great way to set financial goals and build a plan to achieve them.

You'll be able to see how much revenue you need to reach your goals, pay yourself, and how much money you want to allocate for paying taxes and profit planning.

Plus, budgeting will help you in prioritizing projects and your strategy. 

Unlock an annual budget you can use in your business

This budget is designed for inventory based businesses operating in THC Budget

  • Budget Template

    The budget templates include a monthly sales forecast, cost of goods sold budget, an operating budget, and a budget to actual analysis.

  • Financial Summary

    The budget template has a simple annual financial summary that can be used to look at your budget holistically over the year.

  • Walk through video

    The budget template has a walk through video that helps you navigate each of the tabs and key components of the budget!

Overview of the Template

    1. Welcome & Annual Business Budget

    2. Do this before you get started

    1. Revenue and Sales

    2. Product Costs

    1. Budget allocations

    2. Building your Operating Budget

    3. Labor Costs

    4. Marketing & Sales Costs

    5. Owner Pay

    1. Budget to Actual

    2. Thank you - You've got this!!!

    3. Bonus: Tips to Building Long Term Cash Flow in your Business

About the template

  • 12 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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What clients are saying

I have a plan

Diana, CPA

”I came in basically clueless and left with a great plan! Since that day I've taught my team everything you advised and we have been trying to enforce a whole new inventory system at our LA location. And it has been great!

“It was very informative.”

Val, Head of HR

Great Bundle of Information

Micah, Operations Manager

The packet we took home was very helpful. The inventory and product section of the course was helpful.

Get clear on your business numbers today!